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Spelling correctly in English has traditionally required an encyclopedic knowledge of the twisting idiosyncrasies of the most befuddling language on Earth. For many years, acquiring this knowledge involved years of schooling, testing and recital. Ownership and use of tools for correcting and improving writing was expensive and difficult. Long-suffering, readers of the English language have waded through work after work ruined by poor spelling.

Spelling correctly signals that one is a competent communicator. Resumes and job applications in particular require attention to detail, good grammar, and correct spelling to be effective. Hiring managers the world over discard job seekers at the first notice of an incorrectly spelled word. Spelling represents a basic, fundamental command over a broad and deep subject matter of considerable importance: communication.

A free online spell check is a great way to check spelling and even grammar. An online spell checker can correct mistakes on the go, and help craft solid, quality writing.

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May 29th, 2011 at 1:45 pm

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