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Why Spell Check Is Necessary

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Although spell check is available, many writers fail to use it. Is it laziness or simple forgetfulness that makes a person skip the free spell check function?
From advertisements to articles, grammar, spelling, and word choice are essentials for a completed assignment. Bad grammar is like a blemish. It causes readers to think that if the presentation is sloppy, then the fact-gathering may be sloppy as well. Likewise, if there are misspelled words, it makes a reader think that the writer doesn’t care about accuracy. Repetitive word choice signals a writer’s boredom with the subject that communicates itself to the reader.
Thesaurus online can cure repetitive word choice, allowing a writer to find multiple choices for the same thought. Grammar online and online spell check can ensure that the presentation is professional and the only message that is communicated is the one that the writer intends.
Good grammar and accurate spelling make a statement to the reader that says ‘professional’.

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September 29th, 2011 at 9:03 pm

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